Light Up Dog Harness: Ensuring Safety on Night Walks




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Dog owners around the globe know the importance of keeping their beloved pets safe, particularly during the darker hours of the day. Safety becomes an even bigger concern for those who walk their dogs early in the morning or late at night when visibility is low. A light up dog harness is an innovative solution to this problem, offering visibility and safety for dogs when it’s needed most. These harnesses typically come with LED lights or reflective materials that shine brightly in the dark, making sure your furry friend can be seen by drivers, cyclists, and other pedestrians.

When considering a light up dog harness, there’s a range of options with varying features. Some harnesses provide constant light, while others flash intermittently to draw more attention. The durability and waterproofing of the harness are also crucial, especially for active dogs that might find themselves in harsh weather conditions or enjoying a splash in a puddle. A comfortable fit is essential as well – after all, your dog’s comfort should never be compromised for the sake of visibility.

The key factors to consider when purchasing a light up dog harness include the intensity and color of the light, the battery life or charge time if it’s a rechargeable system, and how the harness fits around your dog’s body. Equally important is the quality of materials used; it should be strong enough to withstand pulling and wear and tear, yet comfortable enough for your dog to wear on extended walks.

Understanding the importance of these features informed our in-depth research and testing of various light up dog harnesses on the market. We were dedicated to finding the best options that blend visibility, comfort, and durability so that your nighttime walks can be both safe and enjoyable.

Top Light-Up Dog Harnesses

We’ve carefully curated a selection of the finest light-up dog harnesses to ensure your beloved pet’s safety during nighttime walks. Our picks offer exceptional visibility, comfort, and style, providing you with the peace of mind that your furry friend is both secure and visible in low-light conditions.

Noxgear LightHound – Revolutionary Illuminated and Reflective Harness for Dogs Including Multicolored LED Fiber Optics (USB Rechargeable, Adjustable, Lightweight, Rainproof) (Large)
  • [ALL THE COLORS IN ONE VEST] Change between 8 super bright solid colors – Red, Yellow, Magenta, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, and Cyan AND 6 eye catching multicolor flashing and slow fading color modes – Disco Dog, Rainbow, Cool Comet, Rescue, Independence Day, and Photon Burst. Our special illumination modes are based on visual science to give visibility to your pets and warning to motorists. Modes are easily selectable at the press of a button, easy to access during a walk, run, or backyard fun.
  • [TRUE 360 DEGREE ILLUMINATION, REFLECTIVITY, & FLUORESCENCE] Visible from over half a mile away, never lose sight of your dog outdoors again. Unlike other reflective animal vests and hi viz gear, our flexible fiber optic cables, and 3M Scotchlite reflector technology actively keep man’s best friend safe by alerting distracted drivers and traffic before their headlights are on you and your pup. Day or night, morning or evening, rain or shine, let your dog out of the house worry free.
  • [NO BATTERIES, NO SMELLS, NO WORRIES] A quickly recharging, long lasting battery, means up to 12 hours of illuminated playtime per charge. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, the lightweight, breathable design allows your puppy to wear it year round. Built to be durable with military grade Cordura fabric and 3M reflective bias, this vest can withstand rolling, adventures in the rain, or just general wear and tear. When it does get dirty, cleaning is easy, just throw it in the washing machine.

This Noxgear harness transforms our nighttime walks, making our furry friends both safe and spectacularly visible.


  • Vibrant and varied light settings for high visibility
  • Adjustable fit for comfort with durable materials
  • USB rechargeable battery with long life


  • Price point may be higher than other options
  • Potentially overwhelming with too many light choices
  • Could be cumbersome for very small or sensitive dogs

Out for our evening stroll, we instantly feel safer with the Noxgear LightHound Harness. The beaming colors slice through the darkness, letting our dog shine like a mobile, multihued beacon. Cars seem to take notice of us from afar, and we appreciate the sense of security that brings.

With the harness’s simple to adjust straps, we find it snugly fits our dog without any sign of discomfort. Indeed, the soft, durable Cordura fabric seems to be holding up well, even after our pup’s occasional romp in brush and mud. Then, tossing it into the washing machine brings it back looking good as new – convenience at its best.

Lastly, we’re impressed with the harness’s battery life. It promises up to 12 hours of light-up fun which we haven’t exhausted yet in a single night. Plus, its USB charging eases our minds, saving us from last-minute runs for replacement batteries. We’ve come to rely on the Noxgear LightHound Harness for peace of mind and a bit of flair during our nightly ventures.

Light Up Dog Harness No Pull LED Dog Harness with Handle Vizbrite Rechargeable Lighted Dog Vest Harness for Small/Medium/Large/X-Large Size Dogs No Pull, 4 Point Adjustable Dog Harness
  • 【Comfort Design for Your Dog and You】 This Dog Harness is designed with 2 breathable Soft Neoprene Padded panel to reduce the discomfort and pressure of your dog. The handle on the back is also made of Thickened Soft Neoprene Padded for your comfort.
  • 【Protect and Spot Your Dog】 Vizbrite LED dog harness is super bright in the dark, which means it will keep your dog highly visible when your dog wears it. Greatly improve the safety of your pet, protect your dog from being hit by cars, bicycles or runners. Perfect for night walking and Spot your dog(No matter how black their hair is).
  • 【No Pull Design】 As we all know, Our furry friends tend to pull a lot when they are excited to meet new furry friends or to feel the nature. Our No Pull harness can easily control your dog by attaching the leash to the Front Clip. When your dog pulls, They will turn around instead of pulling you forward. After several turns, they will learn not to pull.


We believe this harness combines visibility and control effectively, making it a sound choice for night walks.


  • Enhances pet visibility and safety at night
  • Comfortable wear with neoprene padding
  • Helps in controlling pulling behavior


  • Lights could be brighter for better visibility
  • Straps may loosen with vigorous activity
  • Not suited for heavy chewing dogs

Safety takes a leap forward with the Vizbrite Light Up Harness. Our evening strolls turned into less worrisome endeavors, as the bright LED feature highlighted our pup’s location even under the starry sky. It’s clear that its luminosity intends to protect, catching the eyes of cyclists and joggers alike.

Comfort seems to be a priority, as observed in the way our furry friend moved with ease wearing this harness. The breathable padding didn’t restrain movement and appeared to distribute pressure when our dog attempted to launch forward at the sight of squirrels.

Having experienced multiple harnesses, the ‘no pull’ design does show merit. We noticed quite an improvement during our walks; rather than being dragged along, we enjoyed a more manageable pace as our dog learned to stay by our side with a few gentle tugs.

One point of contention, however, was the brightness of the lights. Although sufficient, increasing the luminosity could enhance safety during the darkest nights.

Straps seemed to require occasional readjustments, particularly after energetic play sessions. Ensuring they’re secure is key to prevent any escape artist attempts.

Owners of dogs with a strong jaw should be cautious too. The harness, while sturdy, might not withstand the enthusiastic chewing some dogs might subject it to.

Overall, our experiences tell us that the Vizbrite Light Up Harness shines, figuratively and literally, as a beacon of innovation for nighttime safety and comfort.

MASBRILL Light Up Dog Harness – No Pull Led Dog Harness Rechargeable Lighted Dog Harness for Night Walking Adjustable Glow Vest for Small Medium Large Dogs
  • 【Keep Dog Safe Harness】MASBRILL light up dog harness is high visibility in the dark.Keeps your dog safe and seen when out for a nighttime or early morning walking.
  • 【Durable & Comfortable Material】This glowing dog harness is made of breathable mesh lining and high quality Polyester fabric for durablity and well-padded soft sponge for comfort.
  • 【No Pull and Choke Free】The lighted dog harness is designed with 2 metal D-rings to keep dogs from rough pull and keep them walk safely. Front clip for discouraging pulling and back clip for relaxed walks. Ergonomic design: pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body to prevent Choking.


We recommend the MASBRILL Light Up Dog Harness for its visibility and comfort, ensuring that our dogs are safe during our night walks.


  • Enhances dog’s visibility at night
  • Made with comfortable materials
  • Features no-pull and choke-free design


  • Buckles can be stiff, challenging for those with arthritis
  • Size may run slightly small
  • Light intensity could be brighter

When we took our pooch for an evening stroll in the MASBRILL Light Up Harness, we immediately noticed how secure it felt. The mesh lining is breathable, keeping our furry friend cool, and the padded sponge added a nice cushioning. The high-visibility strip is perfect for those dusky evenings when visibility is limited.

Adjusting the harness was straight forward with the quick-release buckles and four fully adjustable straps. It allowed us to tailor the fit perfectly to our dog’s shape, ensuring both their comfort and safety, with enough space to slip two fingers under the straps.

The dual D-ring attachments made it easy to switch from training mode using the front ring to a relaxed walk with the back ring. The no-pull and choke-free features came in particularly handy, as they helped us manage our dog’s pulling while ensuring they were not harmed in the process.

After several uses, we were pleased to find that the rechargeable light maintained its charge well. Nonetheless, while the light was indeed helpful in the dark, a brighter option would be beneficial for even better visibility. Also, it’s worth noting that those with hand mobility issues might find the buckles a bit difficult to manage. Additionally, we suggest measuring your dog carefully and considering the next size up if they are at the higher end of the size range, as the harness may fit snugly.

DOMIGLOW Safety LED Dog Harness – Light Up Dog Vest, No-Pull Dog Harness – Rechargeable Glowing Pet Harness for Night Walking & Camping (Hotpink, L [Neck:19.5″-28″; Chest:28″-42″])
  • 🐶 ENHANCE SAFETY ON WALKS — Our LED dog harness comes with 2 flashing modes, fast flashing and steady glowing, to increase visibility and avoid traffic hazards during night walks. It is usb rechargeable no need to replace battery. Once fully charged, it lasts up to 8 hours on quick flash mode or 3 hours on steady glow.
  • 🐶 QUICK & EASY TO WEAR — This padded dog harness is designed with quick-snap buckles for hassle-free wear and removal. The adjustable straps at the chest and neck ensure a custom fit for your furry friend. Be sure to measure your dog’s neck and chest before selecting a size.
  • 🐶 NO PULLING, NO CHOKING — Our harness evenly distributes pulling pressure to prevent choking and pulling, making it perfect for daily outdoor activities like walking, jogging, and hiking.


We recommend this harness for your night-walking adventures as it ensures your dog is visible and safe.


  • Increases night visibility with LED lighting
  • Quick to put on with adjustable fit
  • Designed for comfort without pulling or choking


  • Battery life could be longer
  • Limited size options for very small breeds
  • Light brightness may vary

When we took our first twilight stroll, the LED glow was a game-changer—cars could see us from a distance, adding an extra layer of safety. The distinctive quick-snap buckles removed any fuss associated with suiting up – just a couple of clicks and we were good to go. The harness also distributes pressure evenly, which is so important for our pull-happy pup during energetic jaunts.

Cleaning turned out to be hassle-free; even after a romp through the mud, the material cleaned up nicely. As we prepped for our next outing, popping the battery out for a charge was straightforward. We made sure to click the battery case securely back in place for uninterrupted illumination.

We are conscious that the strength of the LED could be more consistent. For dogs smaller than the small size, it was a bit tricky achieving the snug fit our little Yorkie needed without some extra tweaking. Despite these points, the DOMIGLOW Harness has become a staple for our evening excursions, bringing both peace of mind and a dash of style.

ChalkLit Light Up Dog Harness, No Pull Led Dog Harness Glow-in-The-Dark for Night Walking, USB Rechargeable Lighted Safety Vest for Medium Large Dogs, Adjustable Soft Mesh Fully Illuminated (Pink, M)
  • 【TRUE 360 DEGREE ILLUMINATION 】– With 1.5cm Super wide light strip, this light up harness for dogs is super bright in the dark, Visible from 500Ft away, never lose sight of your dog outdoors again. it can keep your dog highly visible at night. Greatly improve the safety of your pet, protect your dog from being hit by cars, bicycles or runners. Perfect for night walking and Spot your dog. Day or night, morning or evening, rain or shine, let your dog out of the house worry free.
  • 【GOES ON/OFF QUICK & EASY ADJUSTABLE】No need wearing over through the dog head, Chalklit led dog harness can be quick & easy to put on/off with 2 openable buckles. The 2 easy adjusting straps allows that you can use to create a perfect fit for your dog. Ensuring a greatest fit to you puppy.
  • 【USB RECHARGEABLE & LARGE CAPACITY REMOABLE BATTERY】 It is easy to use a USB to charge this light-up dog harness, the battery capacity is large and the battery life is long. you can detachable the battery when you need to clean it. Large capacity battery of 230mha, The lighted harness can be fully charged in 1.5H, last 60% longer than the traditionally led dog vest.


We think you’d admire the ChalkLit Glow Harness for its brilliant illumination, making it a must-have for safely walking your dog at night.


  • Highly visible at great distances, enhancing safety during night walks.
  • Quick and easy to put on/off, which saves time and hassle.
  • Comfortable materials, ensuring your dog stays happy on your adventures.


  • Battery pack may detach during use, requiring occasional checks.
  • For dogs with longer fur, light visibility might be slightly reduced.
  • A USB charger is needed for recharging, so it’s essential to bring one when traveling.

Experiencing the ChalkLit Glow Harness firsthand, we immediately noticed how the wide light strip sets it apart. With visibility up to 500ft, we felt a sense of relief letting our dog roam a little further off during evening strolls. It felt like spotlighting our pet, drawing attention in the dark quickly.

Adjustability is another highlight; we found that customizing the fit for our dog was trouble-free. Strapping in was a breeze with two buckles to swiftly secure our canine companion. The comfort of the harness pleased our pet which, in turn, delighted us. No fuss, no protest — just a happy pooch ready for a walk!

From a practical standpoint, the USB rechargeable battery is a welcome feature. We appreciated not having to replace batteries constantly. Plus, the decent battery life meant fewer worries about mid-walk power-outs. The mesh material struck a balance between breathability and durability, which is essential for those energetic, often mucky pups.

In essence, we found the ChalkLit Glow Harness an invaluable addition for our nightly outings with our four-legged friend. It provided peace of mind and utility that lit up every walk.

Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

We need to pay attention to several features when choosing the best light-up dog harness:

  • Visibility: The primary purpose of a light-up dog harness is visibility. Opt for harnesses with bright, long-lasting LED lights that offer several light modes (steady, blinking).
  • Battery Life: Check the duration of the battery life. Rechargeable batteries are a convenient option, providing ease of use without the need for frequent replacements.
  • Comfort and Fit: Ensure the harness fits comfortably. A good fit prevents discomfort and the risk of your dog slipping out. Adjustable straps are essential for a snug fit.
  • Durability: High-quality materials that are weather-proof and resistant to wear and tear guarantee a longer lifespan for the harness.
  • Ease of Use: Look for harnesses that are easy to put on and take off. Quick-release buckles are a practical feature.

Comparison Chart

Feature Why It Matters
Visibility A brightly lit harness ensures your dog is seen at night from a safer distance.
Battery Life Longer battery life equates to less frequent charging or battery replacement.
Comfort and Fit A well-fitted harness prevents chafing and keeps your dog secure.
Durability Durable materials withstand the rigors of daily use and are cost-effective over time.
Ease of Use Simplifies the process of gearing up for a walk, saving time and hassle.

Sizing and Adjustability

We should always measure our dog’s chest and neck before purchasing to match the harness’s size chart. Choosing a harness with ample adjustability ensures a better fit for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Remembering these points will guide us to select a harness that is not only functional but also comfortable and reliable for our dogs.

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